Monday, August 17, 2009

Arsenal jersey & Soccer ball

Arsenal team jersey is carved out of Orange Poppyseed cake, Soccer ball is Chocolate cake filled with choc fudge buttercream. Yumm! The 'grass' were piped green buttercream.
I thoroughly enjoyed decorating the soccer ball. Most people who have made this before said it was really hard to decorate and can take hours to get all the shapes right. It took me about 30 minutes to decorate (minus all the procrastinating and pottering around..)
I can't wait to make another soccer ball. It really satisfied my love for jigsaw puzzles :)


APS said...

Hi! I received a link to your blog from a friend. I've been looking around at your cakes. You are so incredibly talented! I'm sort of at the beginning of what you seem to have already mastered. My friend sent me a link to the soccer jersey/soccer ball cake and is asking me to make it for her son's birthday. The soccer ball makes me nervous, but your comments made it sound so easy. Would you be offended if I asked for any tips or advice before I get started? I have a couple of weeks to prepare. Thanks so much. And thank you for posting your cakes. I just love looking at them.

APS said...

P.S. One more question...what would you charge for this cake? Oh, and APS above is me too. I was just signed into Google with a different account and didn't realize it. If you want, you can visit my blog to see a few pictures of the cakes I've done recently. Have a good night.