Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pink Princess Dessert Table

Here is a pink Princess themed dessert table I did recently for a friend's daughter.

I thoroughly enjoyed putting this pink table together.
Having 2 boys of my own and being surrounded by cars, monsters, bugs and mud on a regular basis, I realised how much I missed 'pink'. Creating this table was like going to a spa to rejuvenate my inner girlishness.

I teamed up with Linda from Light Signature Photography in creating this table. I made the birthday girl a Princess Barbie cake (of course!) and surrounded her with all the pink and white sweets I can find. Linda made all the printables (labels, bunting, pom poms) and of course took the gorgeous photos you see below.


Birdie Silhouette

Pink Christening cake

Rubber Ducky

Stephanie's Baby Shower

I made this baby shower cake for my dear friend Stephanie.
This little cake went on quite the journey, it travelled by plane all the way from Sydney to Melbourne (ok so it's not that far.. but hey, it went on a plane!)


Love Is In The Air

Ben 10

Monday, October 10, 2011

Good Bye Old Love, Welcome New Love

The bride and groom wants to put a bit of fun and personality on their wedding cake. They wanted to share the groom's LOVE for his "toys and gadgets".

So here is the Bride is holding a key in her hand. The key is for the locked trunk labelled 'LEON'S TOYS' behind the Groom. Spilling out the trunk are the Groom's "old love"... his "toys".



Sunday, March 6, 2011


Super Mario cake

Chef's Hat

Racing Teddies cupcakes

My littlest boy is 3!

Seemed like it was only yesterday when I brought him home from hospital (sigh...)

I made some simple cupcakes for him to share with his preschool friends. He's in a 'princess' phase at the moment and actually asked for princess cupcakes!

I made him Teddies in racing cars instead... :o)

Super Mario Bowser's Castle

This is the cake I made for my little boy's birthday recently.

I wish I videoed his reaction when he saw his cake, he literally "squealed" with delight :)
Glad he liked it, because what heAdd Image actually asked for was a castle cake with Princess Peach (from Super Mario Bros) on top!

I think Daddy fell off the chair when he heard that!

Thomas the Tank Engine